Casino Gambling in Alabama

Alabama Casino Guide

Facts About Gambling & Online Casinos in Alabama

Alabama has some of the toughest gaming laws around. Bingo is the only legal form of gambling in the state, and it faces six guidelines that were defined by the Supreme Court in 2009. Even state lotteries are illegal in Alabama. While a bill regarding state lotteries was introduced over a decade ago, voters defeated it. It’s currently being discussed again by the Alabama House of Representatives in hopes of getting it to pass and coming up with funding the state’s Medicaid program. Currently, there are a couple casinos within Alabama, and they are only allowed to remain open because they are owned by a federally-recognized tribe.

History of Gambling in Alabama

Since gambling was made illegal by the Constitution of Alabama in 1901, only a few changes have taken place. Bingo and horse betting are really the only legal games of chance in Alabama. However, some casino owners were saying slots were a form of bingo. In 2009, Barber v Cornerstone Community Outreach changed things and six guidelines to define what bingo games entail were drafted.

These new definitions led to several incidents where illegal gambling was occurring. Including the 2013 VictoryLand Casino raid where over 1,600 slot and video gambling machines were seized. While illegal, the Journal of Economic Crime Management shows that the potential income of having illegal slot machines outweighs the current fines. As a result, illegal slot parlors continue to operate throughout the state.

A second issue at play in Alabama is that Native American casino owners are under the authority of the National Indian Gaming Commission and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Therefore, they feel they are exempt from any state laws. This is especially true of the Poarch Creek Indians who operate three casinos within the state, because they are a federally-recognized tribe. They are the only tribe currently allowed to have casinos in Alabama.

Age Restrictions for Gambling in Alabama

Players must be at least 19 years of age to bet on horses or participate in bingo. To play games in the three casinos in Alabama, players must be 21 or older.

Alabama’s Casino Gambling Outlook

Without even having legal state lotteries, it’s unlikely that online casinos in Alabama will be coming in the foreseeable future. Until then, players are limited to traveling out of state, playing only in the casinos run by the Poarch tribe, playing at online casinos, or sticking to bingo and horse betting.

Local Casinos

Creek Casino Montgomery

Creek Casino Montgomery offers a golf course, Lucille’s 24-Hour Eatery, and 46,000-square-foot casino. With more than 1,500 games available, the casino has plenty to keep players busy.

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Atmore

Atmore, Alabama, is home to the Wind Creek Casino & Hotel. The facility is home to a spa, AAA Four Diamond Award hotel, KITCHEN Culinary Studio, 50,000-square-foot casino with more than 1,700 games, and seven restaurants. For entertainment, there’s a bowling alley, amphitheater, movie theater, video arcade, and golf course.

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka is an expansive property in Wetumpka. The casino itself covers 85,000 square feet and has more than 2,500 games. The Alabama casino resort is also home to five restaurants and an entertainment center.