Casino Gambling in Alaska

Alaska Casino Guide

Facts About Gambling & Online Casinos in Alaska

Short of boarding cruise ships and taking an Alaskan cruise, you won’t find land-based casinos in Alaska. The state does not allow casinos or much in the way of gambling at all. Be careful if you decide to play in online casinos. As of September 2012, AS 05.15.640(a) states that “conduct of any gaming activity online is still illegal.”

History of Gambling in Alaska

Only specific organizations are authorized to hold gambling functions. This includes bingo nights, raffles, and lotteries. Proceeds from these events must go to a charitable cause.

While Monte Carlo nights were once allowed, the law allowing them was repealed in 1996. Card games like Blackjack and poker, Craps, Roulette, and video/mechanical machines like slots or video poker are also illegal.

In 1990, residents of Alaska were asked to vote on a measure that would have left the development of casinos up to individual municipalities within Alaska. Had it passed, it would have legalized slots, table games, and even horse racing. The measure was defeated by a margin of approximately two to one.

Fast forward to 2003 and Representative Pete Kott brought up discussions of legalizing a statewide lottery and video poker to bring in additional revenue. Those measures were defeated.

Age Restrictions for Gambling in Alaska

Without casinos in Alaska, there is no need to have a legal age for casinos. Therefore, one does not exist. To play in charity gambling events or pull-tab cards, people must be 21 or older.

Alaska’s Casino Gambling Outlook

The measure introduced more than 20 years ago has not helped bring casinos to Alaska. The state seems set against legalizing casino games and make it clear via the tax department’s webpage that even online gambling in Alaska is an illegal activity. Until these laws are lifted, it’s unlikely that much will change.

Local Casinos

You will not find casinos in Alaska. If you want to gamble, your options are charity events held by a licensed entity, going out of state, or taking a cruise. As AS 05.15.640(a) declares that “any gaming activity online is illegal,” you may want to carefully think about the benefits vs. the risks of playing in online casinos.