Craps Strategy

Strategy for betting in Craps is fairly simple. The “Pass Line” bet is always a good choice with a low house advantage, plus there is camaraderie in betting for the “shooter.” The next bet you should consider is the “Come” bet or any other odds bet because the payout is so high that the more you bet the lower the house advantage becomes. This does not mean that you cannot lose this bet, only that an odds bet five times your “Pass Line” bet will give you a good advantage without risking too much in one bet.

Another good idea is to learn the Craps lingo as fast as possible. There are multiple nicknames for just about every roll and event on the table. In part for entertainment and in part for speed, this Craps language will allow you to communicate your bet clearly and quickly. Once the casino employee in charge of the dice declares it’s time to roll you had better have placed your bets because everyone is expected to remove their hands from the playing area. Furthermore, learning the language and more complex betting options will allow you to tailor the game to your own interests and increase the fun.