Step 2: Download vs. Instant Play

Almost all online casinos offer 2 ways to play casino games – a download casino and Instant Play, also known as a Flash Casino. If you’re new to online casinos it is important to understand the difference between these 2 playing options and know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Below we have outlined information and our recommendations on when and where you may choose to use each option.

Download Casinos

As one would expect, the download casino version requires users to download and install the casino software on their computer. You will still require the internet to connect to the casinos server; however, by installing the casino on a computer, all the games, sounds and graphics are accessed locally, resulting in a faster and richer gaming experience.

Download Casinos always offer the full casino games catalog, along with all of the features and options available, which is why it is often seen as the superior of the 2 and the choice of seasoned online casino players.

Not without its disadvantages, the download version requires space on a computer’s hard drive, which could be problematic for players with older computers and limited space.

Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of download casinos is their incompatibility with different operating systems. In general, download casinos are only compatible with PC’s (Microsoft Windows operating systems), so players with Mac or Linux systems are unable to access download casinos.

When to Choose the Download Casino

We recommend you choose the download casino at home, on your personal computer. Having the casino available on your desktop or start menu allows for quick access to all of your favorite casino games. With the casino installed you can be up and gaming in just a few clicks.

The exception to this rule is if you don’t want your husband, wife, or significant other to know you are playing casino games online. In that case, choose Instant Play.


Instant Play / Flash Casino

Instant Play casinos – commonly referred to as Flash Casinos or No Download Casinos due to their use of Adobe Flash and lack of a required software download – are played through a web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari. Instant Play Casinos do not require a software installation, so players can access the Flash Casino from any computer, at anytime from anywhere.

Since Flash Casinos load and are played through the same browser used to surf the internet and view websites, they are the easiest and fastest way to get online to play casino games.

When deciding between a Flash Casino and a Download Casino, keep in mind that Flash Casinos are 100% online based, so your experience will largely depend on the speed of your internet connection and bandwidth. Since no software is installed on your computer, the games graphics and sound must be loaded from the internet each time you play – if you have a slow internet connection or dial-up this can result in longer load times.

While most online casinos ensure their most popular casino games are featured, a Flash Casino often lacks a full suite of games and all the options as the Download Casino would have.

The 2 biggest advantages of a Flash Casino are compatibility and portability. As stated, Flash Casinos are played through a standard internet browser, meaning they can be played on any computer regardless of operating system. Whether you have a Mac, Linux based system or Windows, everyone can access Flash Casinos. The second great advantage of Flash Casinos is the portability factor – games can be played at home, at a friend’s house, on the road, or at work – gaming is not restricted to one machine.

When to Choose the Flash Casino

There are a few instances where a Flash Casino is recommended over a Download Casino.

At Work – Many companies do not allow employees to install software on company owned computers, but allow surfing the web. Since all you need is an internet browser, you will still be able to access a Flash Casino. We only recommend playing during a lunch break or off hours, as you should be focused on work and not playing games while on the companies dime – we wouldn’t want you to get fired.

Mac Users – Since it’s often the only option for Mac users, the Flash Casino is the best way to access an online casino when using a Mac. All you need is Safari (Chrome or Firefox if you prefer) and you can be online in seconds.

Using someone else’s or a public computer – While we don’t recommend it, if you’re at a friend’s house or have access to a public computer and have the itch to play casino games, the best choice is a Flash Casino. When playing on someone else’s computer or public computer, you exercise caution with anything requiring a password and personal information.