How To Play Craps

Craps is a high spirited game of dice matched with varying wager options. When you approach a craps table there can be a great deal of activity to confuse a beginner but once you learn the basic betting scheme the game is not as complex as it first seems.

The first step is to find a table and look for the dealer’s On/Off button. If the button is showing “Off” then you are ready to wager, but if it is showing “On” then you should check with the dealer to ensure you can bet at this time.

Craps is played in rounds divided by the throwing of a pair of dice. The person throwing the dice is referred to as the “shooter” and this player remains the “shooter” until they lose their bet. The “shooter” duties then move clockwise around the table. Before the dice are tossed, bets are placed on the “Pass Line” if you want to bet in favour of the “shooter” throwing a seven or an eleven. If you want to bet against such a throw you would bet on the “Don’t Pass Line” and hope for a two, three or twelve on the initial throw in which case the “shooter” automatically loses and you would get paid. Once these bets are placed the dice will be tossed and this is called the “Come Out” round.

Of course the “Come Out” toss may be a four, five, six, eight or ten. In this case the next round begins called the “point” round. Point refers to the one of four, five, six, eight or ten that was rolled in the first round and this is the number that must be rolled again before another seven is rolled. In the “point” round the dealer will place the “On” button upon the corresponding point number that must be rolled next. If a seven is rolled before the point number is rolled the “shooter” and all “Pass Line” bets lose.