How To Play Keno

Playing Keno at a casino is a lot like playing the lottery, but with less waiting. At its essence Keno is a game of luck where the player picks numbers and hopes those numbers occur at the draw.

To begin a game of Keno the player needs a blank Keno card that will list the numbers 1 through 80. Using an ’X’ or an ‘S’ the player will mark a maximum of 20 numbers. These 20 numbers are the numbers that you think will come up in the draw. This card must then be taken to a Keno booth and an official receipt is provided listing the numbers that you selected. Alternatively, many casinos have “Keno Runners” who are casino employees who walk around the casino with blank cards shouting “Keno.” These individuals will take your card to the Keno booth and return with your official ticket.

Next you wait for the draw to take place. Using some form of air tumbler, or an authorized number randomizer, 20 numbers are selected (no number can be repeated) from the original 1 through 80. The results may be viewable live, via video link or on monitors around the casino/hotel. The game of Keno pays according to the number of matches on your card with the numbers drawn. The pay table must be publically displayed and will demonstrate the return on your bet for the entire set of winning combinations. If you have a winning ticket it must be redeemed shortly after the draw occurs. The redemption period varies from venue to venue. Like the pay table the redemption period must be displayed in a public location. Generally, the more matches you have the greater your payout.