How To Play Slots Online

Playing slots online is not that much different from slot machines in land based casinos. This is even truer now that real slot machines are automated with computer software as opposed to the traditional slots machines, or one armed bandits of the mechanical variety. Online slots still run on the same principles as these new computerized slot machines. They are programmed to pay out somewhere between 80% and 98% of the money they take in depending on the jurisdiction and as advertised.

To begin a slot game, select the amount that you wish to wager and use the on-screen buttons to assign your wager to the various paylines you wish to bet upon. For your convenience there will often be a “Max Bet” option that will distribute your wager evenly across all payline options. When you are satisfied with your wager, click the spin/start button to spin the on-screen reels. It is not uncommon to find 3-reel, 5-reel or 7-reel slot games at an online casino that utilize many different themes and slight rule variances. If you have never played slots online before, start on the 3-reel games and work up to the high reel games as you become more comfortable with each game’s complexity.

For the games with more than 3 reels it will likely be possible to select a host of different line combinations that go beyond the traditional horizontal line scenario. For example, a game may offer an ‘X’ combination or a ‘V’ combination across a multi-line reel grid.

The games will payout depending on what symbols appear on-screen when the reels come to a halt. There will be a pay table posted on-screen that will display what combinations win money and at what ratio of wager to payout. Every round you are free to alter your wager assignment as you see fit.