Casino Gambling in Kansas

Kansas Casino Guide

Facts About Gambling & Online Casinos in Kansas

One thing is clear about Kansas, the state has no problems with casinos and gambling. Not only does the state offer a state-run lottery, but there are also a number of tribal casinos in Kansas. In addition, the Kansas Lottery Commission is eyeing state-owned casinos. As of April 2015, the state accepted and approved proposals for four state-owned casinos and is expected to make final decisions in July.

History of Gambling in Kansas

Up until 1986, it was difficult to gamble legally in Kansas, but a constitutional amendment changed all that when horse and dog racing were legalized. With this change of law, the Woodlands Racetrack and Wichita Greyhound Park opened three years later. A third race track would open in 1995, but closed within a year. The parks that remained open started pushing for legislation legalizing slot machines to boost revenues.

A measure to legalize slots went before the Senate in 1996, but it was shot down. Not willing to give up, Kansas City’s council changed the city law to legalize slots at the park in Kansas City. While it passed, the state’s attorney general declared their move was unconstitutional and vowed to file charges if any slot machines were added to the park.

Nothing much changed until 2007, when the Kansas Expanded Lottery Act passed. This act allowed four state-owned casinos to open their doors. Once again the state’s attorney general rose up and filed a suit in Shawnee County. The Shawnee County district court and later an appeal with the Supreme Court both found in favor of the state owning casinos in the four districts. Hearings are undergoing in 2015 to decide on the four casino finalists.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act that took effect in 1988, some tribal casinos in Kansas opened their doors. The first of these casinos opened in 1996. More would follow in the next two years.

Age Restrictions for Gambling in Kansas

Where you can gamble is solely dependent on the type of gambling you wish to do. Lotteries, bingo games, and track betting are legal from the age of 18 on. If you wish to enter a casino or play in online casinos in Kansas, you must be 21.

Kansas’s Casino Gambling Outlook

With state-owned casinos on the horizon, it’s not surprising to imagine online casinos in Kansas being the next step. The state is hoping to make up for any budget shortfalls by opening these casinos. In fact, some of the groups who want to develop the casinos are promising to give more than 20 percent of their revenue to the state. It’s also more likely now that the House and Senate passed a bill legalizing fantasy sports in 2015.

Local Casinos

At the time of this writing, there are eight legal casinos in Kansas. They are:

7th Street Casino – This casino is in the heart of Kansas City. You will find more than 550 video slot machines in 7th Street.
Boot Hill Casino – Located in Dodge City, Boot Hill Casinos is about 160 miles from Wichita. This spacious casino is home to almost 700 video slots, a poker room, and more than a dozen table games.
Casino White Cloud – Recently renovated, Casino White Cloud has a bingo hall, 380 slot machines, and table games. The casino is about 90 minutes north of Topeka.
Golden Eagle Casino – At just about an hour from Topeka, Golden Eagle Casino is a popular choice. Open 24 hours per day, the casino features Bingo, Blackjack, Craps, and video slots.
Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway – Kansas City is home to a NASCAR speedway and a stunning casino. Choose from 2,000 video slots, 52 table games, or live poker.
Kansas Star Casino – Mulvane, the casino’s location, is about 20 miles from Wichita. More than 1,800 slot machines, a live dealer poker room, and multiple table games are found here.
Prairie Band Casino and Resort – Prairie Band is about 20 miles north of Topeka. Players choose from more than 1,000 video slots, 29 table games, and live poker.
Sac and Fox Casino – Located in Powhattan, Sac and Fox Casino is an hour north of Topeka. There are more than 700 slot machines in this casino that also offers table games. In 2015, the casino shut down the poker room until further notice.