Poker Rules

Whether playing online poker or table poker it is a must that the player read up on the rules of how to play the specific poker game they intend to play. What is provided here is a simple starting point.

The highest card is an ace (or the ace can act as a one), then the king, the queen, the jack and then in descending order from ten down.

Each player must wait until it is their turn to bet. Table Talk or colluding is generally referred to as the discussion of hands or strategy between two players with the intent of assisting each other. Such talk is at the least poor etiquette and at the worst illegal. If all other players fold the winner is not required to show their hand. The same goes for any player in the final round whose turn occurs after a preceding player has displayed a greater hand, this player may concede without displaying their hand as it is the equivalent of folding. Going all-in is the name for betting the remainder of one’s chips; this may also require you to turn all of your cards face-up but if so the dealer will instruct you accordingly.

The following is the common hand ranking from lowest to highest:

Poker Hand


High Card


One Pair

Two cards of the same value

Two Pair

Two sets of two cards of the same value

Three of a Kind

Three cards of the same value


Five cards in sequence but not same suit


Five cards of the same suit

Four of a Kind

Four cards of the same value

Straight Flush

Five sequential cards of the same suit

Royal Flush

Five sequential cards of the same suit from ten through ace