Slots Rules

Online Slots are mostly games of chance where the player wins when a certain combination of symbols line up on the payline. The winning payout depends on the pay table for that particular slot game. In some cases there are wild symbols and they will pay if they are visible at any location, they do not necessarily have to be in the pay line, but some slot machines also require that you select the “Max Bet” to access this benefit. You may also find a bonus round option which will give you free spins or may have you pay an entirely different bonus slot game.

Online Slots software uses pseudorandom number generators (PRNG). These generators are constantly creating random numbers even when the game is not being played. When the player hits play, one of the numbers is selected to determine the result. This is the same technology used in computerized slot machines in land based casinos. The odds of the different symbol combinations appearing are not all the same because one can be programmed to be more likely to appear than another. Whatever way the game has been programmed, it must be programmed to meet the long-term payout advertised. This does not mean that a lower payout is more likely to occur than a higher payout. A 2:1 payout might appear less often than a 4:1 payout but over the average of say one million spins the average payout will be as advertised. This is done to keep players playing, hoping to hit their prize goal. Online casinos should have their games independently verified for accuracy and fairness so be sure to check this before playing at any casino online.